App of Desperate Cooks for Windows 8
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To those who can't cook

This is not a traditional cooking web site where you can find the perfect recipe but it's a collection of recipes tested during my 25 years old marriage.They are simple recipes told with the words my mum and my granny used to say to explain me a dish,when, in my twenties I hadn't got the faintest idea of how to cook a fried egg!"Everybody can learn". Even if you are not a chef, like me,you can cook decently for your family and friends. A very important chef reading this would probably be upset but , in my opinion,if we enjoy eating genuine and seasonal food(when possible),cooking it simply,flavouring it with good ingredients,using frozen food only when desperate, then we would be able to teach the new generations something worth to taste and a bit of history of us: the cooking moms.

Enjoy your meal!


Thanks to my husband and my daugthers for putting up with my dishes..,to my mom for having thaught me classic tuscan recipes, to my father for bearing my experiments and to my brother who was able to carry out this site.

Yours faithfully